Country Grove Children’s Center

February & March 2015











Jaedon-Immanuel 2/2      Sienna 2/20

Arieanna 2/12        Jenna & Samantha 3/26

Colby & Rylee 3/23          Jacquecob 3/9

Matthew D. 3/8     Blake 2/20

Lillian 3/29  Elena 3/29

Olivia 3/22


Arlington Schools have a HALF day Friday, March 13.

Arlington Schools are closed Monday, March 30-Friday, April 3 for Spring Break.

Please NO Parking in front of the building; the buses are now arriving to drop of students.

Reminder: We staff according to your Child’s contracted schedule, if you need to adjust your times, please notify the office.

*In order to keep everyone as healthy as possible, please remember that if your child has a fever of 101 degrees or higher, is vomiting or had diarrhea they must stay home for 24 hours symptom free without fever reduction medication before returning to Country Grove. Thank you for your understanding.   





We would like to welcome Miss Katie, Miss Nicole and Miss Kara to our Country Grove family! Miss Katie and Miss Nicole are the new Toddler teachers. Miss Kara is the new After School teacher. Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to Miss Tara, who left for personal reasons. Thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new faces!  Please know your child’s happiness and security are our number one priority.

Please look for Spring Party sign-ups to be posted in the coming weeks outside classroom doors

4’s class: We continue to ready for kindergarten. Please allow your children for opportunities to further enhance their self-help skills, as next year there is only one teacher & 20 kids.  Children should only use capital letters for the FIRST letter of their names; this is the hardest thing to re-teach when they enter school.

3’s Class: The 3s have been very busy learning all about the alphabet. We are focusing on letter sounds and recognition, and practice writing letters several times a week. Each week, we learn the letter, its sound and a motion to go with it; please ask your child about it!

Toddler Class: The toddlers have transitioned very well to their new class. They are having fun exploring the new toys. This month we are working on the letters “B & C” We will continue with Autumn-themed projects as well as Halloween-themes.    

Waddler Class: The Waddlers welcomed Mason and Johnny! We are learning to color and how to use dot paint and stickers.

Infant Room: Welcome Hailey and Dylan!